November 4, 2012

August 28, 2012

Castaway: Walls & floors (conversion)

My conversion of walls and floors from Castaway Stories, now fixed -  with one recolorable channel. I'll convert the terrains too, in future ;)

August 26, 2012

August 21, 2012

The Blue Dream - lighting mod (UPDATED: 22.09.12 - Moonlight Falls)

Ultimately finished! :) Custom lighting mod with beautiful, deep blue water color.

~ Water color
~ Natural sky color
~ Longer days (new - sunrise: 5.00 AM, sunset: 9.00 PM, EA's default - sunrise: 6.00 AM, sunset: 6.00 PM [it's terrible ^^])
~ Darker nights
~ Warmer atmosphere
~ More realistic sunrise and sunset
~ Little fog on distant terrain

Photos without any photoshopping (except text):

Your sims are... ombre! 25 - fashion dress

Summer, realistic dress. Three recolorable  channel, all version in photos are included.
Mesh by Anubis
(Thanks for mesh and help with BumpMap ;)).


August 18, 2012

24 - outfit with shorts

Top with shorts, perfect for lazy summer days. Two recolorable channels - one for top and one for shorts.
Mesh by EA.

August 17, 2012

Castaway: Waikiki - tropical island

Sunlit Tides mobilized me to fix paths and I've finished my new empty world - Waikiki ;) Map size of the island is medium. Waikiki requires 3 first EPs for spawners and last - Showtime - for palms.

Lots: 26.
Terrains: by me (9) and one (Grass Spring) by Martine & EA (rock).
Spawners: all available: from base game, World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night.

~ Lots on the beach
~ Waterfall
~ Custom sky and water colors

Photos from game without lighting mod:

23 - ethnic dress

Colorful ethnic dress, one recolorable channel.
Mesh by EA.

August 15, 2012

758 - modern house for Bridgeport

I don't know why I've built this house, I hate Bridgeport...

105 - modern beach house

Modern summer house in blue, light colors.

801 - club for old town

An elegant club for old town with transparent pool.

Haunted House

Old, creepy house for unusual sims ;)

Foggy (no CC)

My first (and probably last) lot without CC ;)

Via di Piantagione 7

Small cottage with little tomb in cellar for my latest world - Prato di Livori.

Prato di Livori (UPDATED: 27.08.2013)

Empty tuscan world with beautiful landscapes. It's my the biggest world, on large map. The world has 47 lots and all spawners.


I've created this blog, because I want to have all my sims downloads in one place ;)