August 27, 2013

Vale of Mist

Inspired by Alice: Madness Returns (Vale of Tears level). I love this game ♥ 
This lot is a functional garden and arboretum - I put all harvestable plants from all EPs and rabbit hole as rug (it's near "portal") ;) 

Click to enlarge:

CC by:

Terrains - Veritas aka KG and me (unreleased)

The store:
Monte Vista
Hidden Springs
Aurora Skies
Dragon Valley
(I used only plants from these worlds).

Not included.

If you don't see lot in your game, download the library file and put into documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library (you can download only this file):


  1. Wow! :-O It's absolutely amazing! I don't know that game, but the lot is really awesome. Great work. :)

  2. OMG, i need a whole world like this! Its really really awesome! Congrats :)

  3. Wow! Sooo cool! *o*
    You made ​​good use of objects! (I mean Ming Set, for example) :D
    and I always want to do smth like this, but I didn't have time..
    I must try it in my game! +_+

  4. Don't understand-- CC is included or to be downloaded separately (or just store stuff)?
    This is beautiful! Thank you!

    1. All isn't included - you must download everything from CC list.

  5. Another CC you forgot to add is the Wild Lily of the Valley Set. Otherwise, it will be replaced by some ugly statues haha. :)

  6. it looks so cool, for a second i didn't believe it's for the sims 3